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Rhonda Scott New Zealand chef


About me

Rhonda Scott is a self-taught cook who has gained her experience from practicing on willing friends and eating herself around the world. ​​She has been providing clients with dinner parties at home and catering for canape parties in London for the last 15 years. Rhonda is originally from New Zealand so much of her cooking takes on a pan Asian theme but she also enjoys cooking dishes with mediterranean influences. Rhonda is a leading New Zealand caterer feeding many homesick Londoners over the years. Rhonda has travelled to over fifty countries and spent two years living in Korea and had a stint in Turkey. Rhonda gets great satisfaction out of cooking for friends, however she says, "It is often stressful being the hostess and a chef at a dinner party." With Escense  catering you are free to socialise and focus on being a host while Rhonda can concentrate on doing what she does best, excellent food, articulate presentation and great taste.  

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